Feerique De Woodi – A Captivating Journey of Fashion and Creativity

We are thrilled to present our latest commercial production for our esteemed client, Woodin, showcasing their mesmerizing new collection called “Feerique De Woodin.” This web post invites you to embark on a captivating journey of fashion, creativity, and self-expression. In this enchanting commercial, we bring to life the vibrant and captivating world of Woodin’s latest … Read more

Fashion photography for Indigo Textiles

Presenting our exceptional product photography for our esteemed client, Indigo Textiles. Our goal was to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and intricate details of their textile creations. Through meticulous lighting, composition, and attention to every thread, we captured the true essence of Indigo Textiles’ designs. From vibrant colors to intricate patterns, our photography brings out the … Read more

Product Photography for Shoe Fabriek

Capturing the essence of our client, Shoe Fabriek and Woodin Fashion Ghana. Proud to showcase our product photography expertise in capturing the beauty and craftsmanship of their exceptional footwear and fashion pieces. From intricate details to stunning textures, our production team brings these products to life through captivating imagery. Immersed in the world of fashion, … Read more

Images from Odwira 2019 Boxing Night

Project : Event Client : Akropong Qdwira Festival Odwira is a melting pot of of rich traditions, music, art, fashion, design and food. The cultural adventure shapes expressions and opens up new possibilities. We love our traditions, protect our own, interpret on all levels and proud to showcase it for the world to experience. Through … Read more

NBSSI – Jingles / PR

Project – Radio Jingles Client : National Board for Small Scale Industries NBSSI was established by an Act of the Parliament of the Third Republic of Ghana (Act 434 of 1981) and operationalized in 1985 because Government views the sector as having the potential to contribute substantially to reducing the high unemployment rate as well … Read more

Food Photography; FIKA Tea

Client:Fika Project: Photography It’s Fika Time! Fika Teahouse is a concept to urge people to take a break and spend time with Family Project: Photography

Telling the African Story-AFRICA6

CLIENT: AFRICA6 News Africa 6 News- A modern Day Digital News Platform for African News in Sports,Education, Politics, Pan-African and Socio-economic culture. Project: Documentary for digital launch

TV Commercial: Largest Hatchery in West Africa

Project – TV Commercial Client: Akro Farms Akro-Farms is the biggest integrated and automated poultry facility in West Africa, producing fresh and health table eggs, day-old chicks, chicken feed and meat. Our model adopts innovative agribusiness targeted at climate change mitigation and sustainable rural development. Akro Farms is ambitious and focuses on becoming a leading … Read more

Documentary; Ghana SDG Report

Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of every country that is part of the United Nations. We won the bid to Project the Launch to the world. From publicity to the main event was …

Father’s Day TV Commercial for Woodin

Fathers Day is something really kept under the carpet. Not even mentioned. Woodin wanted to put it on the map through education with a TV commercial. Our team brainstormed looking at all outcomes. Give us a review. Client: Woodin Project: TV Commercial